What is A Web Browser? How Does Work it

A web browser is computer software that will let you access the internet. With a browser, you can go anywhere in the Internet world. 

You can able to open a website, download images, watch videos, send & receive emails, Make a transaction on your bank account, take a printout, and many more.

In the market there is a lot of web browser are exists, some of the most popular are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari for Apple users, Opera, etc.  You need to install the web browser as per your operating system requirements.

What is A Web Browser? How Does Work it

Today's the web is the fastest growing tool. It changes our work process every day, our daily life is going to change with the internet, now we interact with anyone in the world by sending an email in less than a second.

In this situation, we need to understand how to use the web so easily. We are all today use to the internet in google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera but we are thinking ever what is the google chrome or opera, how they work.

How they send an email in a second, open a website. and watch a video. 

In this post, I will give you the answers to all things related to Web browse, like what is A web Browser? How does work it? what should I require to use a web browser? The journey of the web browser, etc.

What is the Web Browser?

A browser is a software on your computer which will help you to open a website, you are able to play a video. download images from the internet, send or receive an email by anywhere in the world through a web browser with a website. 

In a word, A web browser connects a user with the internet to use a website. You are not using any website without a web browse. Example: Open to Facebook, Google, or any kind of website you need to use a web browser.

The most popular web browser today.

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Internet explorer
  • Microsoft edge
  • chromium 
  • Brave


When did the first web browser come?

In 1990 Tim Berners lee (TimBL) developed the first-ever web browse, it was called WorldWideWeb after that it was renamed as Nexus.

After three years in 1993, Marc Andreessen developed a browser with the graphical user interface, it colled Mosaic. 

It also is known and gets populated in the name of Netscape. This was the first popular web browser with a graphical interface.

What does a browser work?

A Web browser makes you travel anywhere on the planet. It Collects information from other parts of the web and displays your computer and mobile phone.

When you type a webpage like www.xyz.com in your browser, it not actually stored in a server ready and it waiting yo be deliver. Generally, you're requested every The webpage will be delivered individually in response to your request. 

You are actually asking a list of requests to get information from various different directories, databases, servers on which the content for that page is stored.

It like a recipe for delicious ice cream. You have a shopping list of ingredients to freeze ice cream, that once combined it on the correct measure to make ice cream. The web browser is the same as work. The web page made up wit different sources of content. The image comes from a server, the text comes from other directories, videos from another different source.

Benefits A Browser's

A browse is easy to download and free to use.

You can use more than one browser on your computer.

You can open an unlimited webpage in one web browser at a time. They are all work in a similar way.

About Most Popular Web Browse.

Know the most popular web browser here.

01. Google Chrome.

Google chrome is the most popular web browser today which was developed by Google. The year 2008 Google chrome was first released for Microsoft windows, Latter it comes for mac ios, Linux, and android mobile.

According to the StatCounter and netMarketShare estimate, Google chrome has a 68% market share for web browsing in the world in May 2020.

02. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is free to use an open-source web browser simply known as firefox. In the year 2002 Mozilla firefox first release in the name of Phoenix. It develops by the Mozilla foundation.

It is available on Windows 7 or its all newer versions, Mac ios and Linux.

According to StatCounter Firefox has an 8 % market share in Feb 2020.


Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple for Mac OS. On January 7, 2003, Steve Jobs introduces With safari for its own Web browser.

Before Safari macOS us Microsoft Internet Explorer and others web browsers from Microsoft. 

A mobile version of the Safari web browser has by default on iPhone.

04. Opera Web Browser

Opera is an open-source freeware web browser for Windows, macOS, Linux operating system, and Android, IOS version for mobile phone.

There are three mobile versions available for the Opera web browser, called Opera mobile, Opera Mini, and Opera touch. It launches also a gaming web browser named Opera GX

What you see or happen when you open a web browser?

When you open your web browser, You can see on the above an address bar (URL Ber) where you type an URL to open the web page. You can see below the bookmark bar.

Below you can find your search engine which you mention your default search engine, if you mention www.google.com it shows here. 

If you have to connect with the internet yare are free to browse your favorite web page by placing the URL on the URL bar.

What you need to access A web browser and where to find your web browser?

A web browser is must need a Computer/Desktop, laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet. Your device must need to ensure to connect with the Internet. 

Without connecting the internet with your device you aren't able to open a web browse.

In windows computer internet explorer is the default web browser, In the Mac book or any other apple laptop Safari is the default browser for macOS.

If you need any other web browser in your laptop like chrome, firefox, opera you need to visit your default web browser and open the official web page of the particular browser (Example. If you need google chrome in your laptop you are the open official website of Chrome, www.google.com/chrome/  and download this browser) to download a setup file of the browser and install it on your computer.

In the case of mobile, you need to install an app of web browser from the play store for android mobile, on iPhone, install an app of browser from the apple app store. However, Google Chrome is the default browser for android mobile and Safari for on iPhone.

What do you learn from Here...

Now I think you have got the Basic ideas about Browser. We are all using every day the browser but we have not ideas about it. From now you can tell about the browser to your friends, your youngers to teach about the browser, and be a hero among them.

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