What is Instagram Reels? How to make your first Reels Video

Instagram Reels is a feature of Instagram where you can create a short video for fun making and explore your creativity.

You are a user of the short video entertaining app TikTok, then you are familiar with short video entertainment content. Instagram Reels is the same as Tiktok. 

After baning TikTok In India, The users are very sad, They think about how they share their content. Instagram Reels is the best option for them. Nothing ant tension switches to Instagram reels and makes fun with creativity.

After the ban of the TikTok app in India, Reels are going much popular. All Users are Instagram/Facebook are all easily use Reels from Instagram. if you have not any account on Instagram as well as Facebook you need to create an account to use Instagram reels.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels first launch later 2019 in Brazil, after that it launches into more than 50 countries including India. Available on both Android and iOS mobile versions.

When first Reels was launched, people are always criticizing it by calling it a  copycat of TikTok, but after that, it gains popularity.

There are a lot of creators, influencers are trying to experiment with reels by there brands, in the meantime reels earned a lot of positive response.  Today millions of creators, brand influencers are already using Instagram Reels today.

So, If you are not joining Reels even now or thinking about to join in Instagram Reels (especially in India, where TikWas ban by the government and users are finding some interesting like TikTok), This post if only for them.

In this post, I will tell you What is Instagram Reels? How to use it? How to create a video in Reels? Where to find or download Instagram Reels? 

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a video feature on Instagram. It offers to create short fun engaging creative videos for users like TikTok. Here you can record, Edit up to 15 Second multi-clip video and share with your Instagram followers on feed.

In the Reels video, you can edit, add audio, Text, special effect, and sticker.

How to Use Instagram Reels? Creating A Reels Video.

open your Instagram you can see a reels button below the screen. Click on the Reels button, you can enter into Instagram Reels.to create a video you need to tap on the camera option and open Reels camera. You are creating video, editing from here. The Variety of the tool will help you to create your perfect reels.

once you open the camera the editing tools showed into your screen like.

Audio: The audio tool will help you to add some music to your video. Search songs from the audio library for your video. You can add also your original music/audio which was recorded by you.

If you share a video in Reels with your original Audion. The reels were attributed to you on this audio. 

If you have a public account people are able to use your music/audio on there video by selecting "Use Audio"

AR Effect: Instagram reels have hundreds of effects on its effect gallery to make your reels. you are able to create multiple clippings with multiple effects. Hundreds of creators all over the world create these effects for Instagram.

Timer and Countdown: You can able to set a timer to record your video hand free. Once you set the timer the 3,2,1 condone before beginning recording.

Align: You adjust objects on every clip in which you are recording the previous clip in your reels.

Speed: This will help you to set your video speed up or slow down. it worked in both audio and video.

It will make you gather experience to create a slow-motion video.

Reels will give you to make multiple clips at a time. Here you have also uploaded a video from your gallery which you recorded previously.

Record your clip by holding the capture button, once release the button your recording ends.you can see a progress indicator as to your recording at the top of the screen.

How to share Reels

Share your reels with your Instagram followers and express your creativity with the hung Instagram community.

once you are creating to ready your Reels, you go to the share page, Here make your reels save as draft and make/change the cover image, add a caption for your video and put some hashtag, Tage some of your friends and share.

You reel will live on the reels tab in your profile. you can share it in your feed also.

If your Instagram account is a public account, you can share your real in a dedicated space, where your video has seen in the wider space of the Instagram community.

you can share your post also with your followers to posting at your feed. Share your reels by featuring hashtag or certain songs. once anyone clicks on the hashtag or song your Reels were seen on the dedicated page where someone clicks on the hashtag, songs.

When your account is privet, you should only do share with your followers. Your Reels will be seen only on the follower's page.

People are not able to use your original music into their Reels and they unable to share your reels with others who don't follow you on Instagram.

you only share reels at your story, friends, and share with a direct message. If you do this your reels will behave like a story only. It will disappear from the story after 24 hours.

How to watch Reels:

To tap on the reels button in your Instagram account, you see a reels feed to showcase the reels video. You should scroll up and down to watch various Reels. You Can easily like, comment, and share others reels from here.

Now Your Turn...

So, Don't wait if you are a TikTok use, join Instagram today, and start reels when TikTok was the ban in India. It is so simple like, if you are using TikTok then you have not any problem here.

But if you are new in Reels you should follow the above steps and explore your creativity. Reels will enhance your creative skills in an innovative way.

you have face any problem while using reels please write to us in the comment section. We are welcome your positive feedback on these posts. If you have any further knowledge on these topics please share it with us.and also share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

Thank you for reading this post.

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