What IS DND? How to Activate and De-activate into your phone number

In this post, I will show you how to do you free from unwanted spam calls and SMS by DND (Do not Disturb) service.

Don't worry about which network you use. Here I am covering the complete DND The registration process for all major Indian mobile networks.

If you can regularly get spam promotional SMS & Calls and not even registering DND.

Don't Worry...

I am here to help you to register your mobile number in DND.

Please read the Steps post below.

What IS DND? How to Activate and De-activate into your phone number


What is DND?

DND is a service of TRAI to save telecom users from unwanted telemarketing or spam calls/SMS. If A mobile users register his/her mobile number at DND then it would be illegal for telemarketers to send any promotional call or SMS those number.

The 7 basic categories promotional SMS /Calls you can get on your mobile from Telemarketer.

1.     Banking, Insurance, Financial Products, and credit cards

2.     Real Estate

3.     Education

4.     Health

5.     Consumer goods and automobiles

6.     Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment and IT

7.     Tourism and Leisure

Jio DND Activation:

How to activate DND Service in your Jio Number. Jio Users follow the below steps.

Three-way you can activate DND in your Jio Mobile.

DND activation through SMS: Just send an SMS from your Jio mobile by Typing "Start 0" and send it to 1909.

It will block all types of spam calls or SMS into your mobile.

You can able to block specific category calls, SMS by this service. (For Example.  you want to block the only SMS of Real Estate related, then SMS "START 2" and send it to 1909 [here 2 is the serial number of Real Estate].

Jio DND Activate through IVR Call: Dial 1909 from your Jio number and follow the instructions and register your mobile number at DND easily.

DND Activation via Jio App: finally here I show how to activate DND Via Jio App.

First, you need to install the Jio app on your mobile.

Open the App and do the following steps below.

  • Click the hamburger icon top left side of App.
  • Next click on settings
  • Enter into settings please tap service settings.
  • Click now on Do Not Disturb
  • Then you tap to On Full DND.

Airtel DND Activation Guide:

If you are an Airtel user you also need to register DND in your mobile number.DND is the only way to relieve unwanted spam calls and SMS on your mobile.

Similarly, as I mention the Jio DND the section you can simply send an SMS from your mobile and register DND for Airtel.

Type on New SMS like "START 0" 0 For activating all category promotional Massages And phone calls and sent to the tollfree number 1909.


Vodafone (Now Vodafone idea , Vi) DND Activation Step by step guide:

If you are a Vodafone user and not even register your mobile number on DND. This is the reason you are getting a lot of spam call ad SMS.

Don’t west your time read this section if you are a user of Vodafone. Here I am showing complete details of the activate process of register DND


Activate DND online: Visit the Vodafone website and activate DND on your mobile the number and follow the steps.

1. Go to the Vodafone DND Registration page.

2. Enter your name, Email ID, and mobile number.

3. Select YES for Full DND.

4. Solve Captcha text and click the submit button.

You can activate DND on Vodafone through SMS and calls.

This process is the same as I can say before on the time of Airtel DND activate.

Type “START 0” and send it to 1909 number. These will completely active DND in your Vodafone number.

Also, you can call 1909 and active DND on Vodafone

The idea (Now Vodafone idea, Vi) DND Activation Process:

I think DND is the first things everyone should do after gating a new mobile SIM connection. The idea has no option to activate DND via the website.

Follow the general method like SMS and Call to active dnd on idea mobile.

Send SMS to 1909 by typing “START 0” to activate idea dnd and also activate DND by calling in 1909.


How to De-activate DND at your number.

I think no one wants to de-activate DND from their mobile number. Whenever if you are wanted to de-activate dnd please follow the below steps.

Two ways you can de-activate DND ...

1.By SMS

2.A call.

By sending A SMS you can de-activate DND. Send an SMS by typing "STOP" and send 1909. They send an SMS to informing that you are registered for DND de-activation and also ask for your confirmation. Please reply with a confirmation SMS.

Once the de-activation process was done they sending an SMS my confirming you that your request is completed.

you can also de-active DND from your mobile number to make a Call in 1909.

Call in 1909 with a customer care executive and request them to de-activate DND. They receive your request and process your request. You will receive a confirmation SMS once DND will De-activate from your mobile number.

also, you can dial 1909 and done the work as they per the recorded instruction. Its call the IVRS System. You follow the instruction to de-activate DND.

But remember once you deactivate DND the unwanted telemarketing SMS will receive you at your SMS inbox.


Now your turn...

You have an idea now about DND. From now don't worry about the spammy call, SMS, Just follow the instruction above and register on DND.

It is very easy no! if in future you need to de-activate DND that is so easy also.

Share it with your friends to help them with unwanted calls and SMS. Share it at Facebook, Twitter, and help more people on DND.

If you have any information and feedback on these topics please share it with us. Your Positive comments and feedback are always welcome. 

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