How to Speed-up your Android Mobile Phone

Smartphones, laptops, electronic gadgets are often getting slow after using some time. The mobile phone is using almost always and this device is a most getting slowdown. we are face problems when our mobile phone is a slowdown.

Mobile phone today like a mini-computer. Mobile phones are doing all almost that is able to do by a computer.

Today mobile phones are used most of the time by us. Calling, Watching the video, internet surfing, capture images, even we are doing shopping and money transfer through our mobile phone. Sometimes we do more to use our phone instead of a computer

Know the reasons why your mobile phone gating slow.

  • Using the various application today we are using at a time on the mobile phone. Use wifi, Bluetooth, playing games are making our mobile phone so slow. There are some reasons below like this, which is the cause of slow down your mobile phone. Know the reasons to keep your mobile phone fast. 
  • Running too many apps and software on our mobile phone cause keep slow our phone.
  • Running out mobile internal storage space, to slow down your mobile phone. when you're mobile internal storage is full of data your mobile phone are going to slow, 
  • Outdated operating system (OS) using in your mobile phone. Older version OS 
  • The old battery on your mobile phone makes slows down your phone.
  • Too many apps in running in your phone background at a time, keep slow your phone.
  • If you're mobile going to hot when you are using your phone. It makes your phone slow sometimes.
  • Some time viruses and an internet connection make slow your mobile phone.

Here I am sharing the tips which will help you to keep your mobile phone always smooth.

  • Clean your home screen.
  • Enable data saver mode on your mobile phone.
  • Switch off auto-sync.
  • replace your old battery with a new.
  • Mobile internal storage full.
  • Running too many apps and the software will make slow your mobile phone.
  • Keep the operating system update.
  • Perform a Factory reset on your mobile phone.
  • Visit the nearest customer care center.
  • Check the wifi signal strength
  • Cleare cache data

1. Clean your home screen.

Keep clean your home screen will make your phone faster. We are sometimes set live wallpaper on our mobile phone screen, sometimes we are adding some live apps like news, weather app which always automatically update. It makes your phone always slow.

2.Enable data saver mode on your mobile phone.

3.Switch off auto-sync.

4.Replace your old battery with a new.

An old battery will lag your mobile phone often. When our mobile phone battery is older we need to charge our mobile phone frequently. sometimes an old battery makes your phone hot. It slows down your mobile phone.

5.Mobile Internal storage full.

When you face a slowdown on your mobile phone, please check internal storage on your mobile phone. If internal storage was full it slows down your mobile phone. Not only for the mobile phones if internal storage was full in your computer also gating slow.

6.Running too many app and the software will make slow your mobile phone.

When our mobile phone is new, we are installing too many apps on our mobile phone, it is ok when our phone in a new condition, but after the use of some days slowly our mobile phone goes slow. AS my recommendation, please try to clean unnecessary apps or software from your mobile phone. it makes space on your phone and keeps your mobile phone faster.

 7.Keep Operating System Update.

An outdated operating system(OS) arise a problem in running your smartphone. if you are using an outdated operating system on your mobile phone, please get an updated operating system for your mobile phone. It solves your problem with a slow mobile phone.

8.Perform Factory reset on your mobile phone.

Factory reset will make your phone a new one as you buy your phone new. All settings that you are edited or manage while you use your phone.

9.Visit at the nearest customer care center.

I hope the above options which I mention here to speedup your mobile phone will work on your phone. if those do not work please visit the nearest customer care center, they help you or suggest which you need to do when your mobile phone goes slow. also, they advise replacing with a new piece.

10.Check the wifi Signal Strength

Sometimes your mobile phone not get slow but your slow mobile network makes your phone slow. Change your internet network to faster your mobile phone.

11.Cleare cache data

Every time you install something or using some software and the internet, A lot of cache dates will store on your phone. It will fill up your space on your mobile phone which will slow down your phone. Please regularly check and remove cache data from your mobile phone will make faster a phone.

Now Your Turn...

if you are facing a slow phone problem then don,t worry now. follow the above steps and keep your mobile phone smooth, and use your mobile phone as you want.

Share it with your friends and tell them how they speed-up their mobile phones. If you have any ideas about these topics please share with us.

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