How to Start A Free Blog On WordPress [Beginner Guide]

WordPress is one of the biggest free blogging platforms in the world. In this post, I will show how you create a free blog on WordPress in India.

You can hear about blogging from your friends and want to start a blog, but you have not enough knowledge about blogging.

I recommend, first, you read my previous post Beginner step-by-step guide about how to start a blog in India.

Now you have some idea about blogging by reading my blog The post How to start a bog in India (I hope you read my post).

This post is for those who are a beginner about blogging, those who are not about to serious about blogging or those who are not about to spent money as a beginner.

How to Start A Free Blog On WordPress

There are so many sites available online where you can create a free blog for you, Some of the below.

here I am talking about, where you can easily make a free blog first time as a beginner.

Before I start this you should need to know some difficulties with the free WordPress blog.

1. When you are creating a free blog on, you should not allow you to make money from your blog.

2. You are not own your website/blog when you are creating a free blog in

3. You may face some limitations when you create a free blog on

4. Your blog represents with a subdomain like is shown it’s a free website/blog.

A sub-domain is a part of the main domain when you create your blog or website for another website. In this case, when you log on your blog address also be part of

Here are some examples of your blog address/link like,

If you want to avoid all the above problems with your blog you need to get your own domain name and hosting.

It very easy to create your own blog with your own domain and hosting, it’s not much expensive too.

Let start this,

It will give you the first experience about blogging and also, grow your knowledge.


The 4 easy steps which will help you to create a free blog in WordPress.

1. Register on

2. Select your subdomain in WordPress and Select your plan.

3. Setup and design your blog layout.

4. Write and publish your blog post.

Step 01: Register on

To start a free blog in WordPress, first, you need to register an account at for your free WordPress blog.

Here you need to enter your Email address, choose a username, and give a strong password for your account.

Click create your account, it will make your WordPress account

Step 02: Select your subdomain in WordPress and Select your plan.

Now you should need to choose a domain name, but it’s too difficult to find a domain name as your choice.

Millions of blogs are in WordPress. You need to try deferent types of name to find your choice, like the new blog, new website, blog101 or something related to your niches.

After a few try, I got the name “newweb51” which is available in WordPress.

I select this as a free plan.

After selecting your domain name WordPress will offer you four plans to start your blog like personal, Premium, Business, e-commerce.

All plans are needed to pay fees annually.

If you are not sure about to invest please go for free option.

Click Start with a free site to get ready for your blog or website. 

If you are want to create your own blog, you need to purchase a domain name and hostings for your blog. Go my previous post How to start a blog: A step-by-Step beginner guide for you.

Step 03: Setup and design your blog layout.

Your site or blog has been created. Next, you should need to set up your blog with these five steps below.

A setup list will show on your screen of which will help you to set up your blog.

1. First, you should give your blog/site name.

Give your site an appropriate name to make an identity into your customers. Click the Start button and give your site name in the Site title section. Add a simple or appropriate site tagline in the tagline section.

2. Update your homepage.

Click Update homepage and start to create, design your website homepage. Here you can see the default design of your free blog.

Here you can able to change your Page Layout as per your choice also you can change default themes as your choice.

Click to my site option, a menu has appeared. Here you can add pages to click the Pages option.

Click posts to add new posts on your website (But first, you delete all default posts in your post area).

Add some images to go to the media section.

3. Confirm your email address.

Please confirm your email address by clicking the link which will be sent by WordPress, It requires.

4. Create your site menu.

A perfect site menu will help to navigate your site or blog. I must recommend you should build a site menu, it helps your users to find which they want to look at it.

5. Launch your blog

After complete to write your blog post, added some Relevant images in your blog post. 

Now time to publish your blog post for your users. Click the Publish a button to make publish your blog. Your users see now your blog post which you want to share with your users.

Now your Tern...

You have a basic idea now about free Blogging on, don't west your time, open an account on WordPress, and start to create your first blog/website for FREE.

Keep your blogpost updated regularly, it will make your blog up to date, and enjoy your blogging life. 

Share your blogpost regularly with your friends, relatives, it earns traffic to your blog which grows your blog.

If you are want to more help with WordPress to start a free blog please comment on us. Asks questions on the Facebook page 

Please give feedback on the comment section on which you learn from here.

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