How to Start a Free Blog on Google Blogger (Blogspot)

Are you doing something effective in your free time with your interest and make some extra income, Free blogging on Google Blogger (Blogspot) is best for you.

You are a student, an employee or you are a part-time employee free blogging is the best to earn some extra money every month and the best thing is it's genuine.

I today everyone need the money and a job is not enough to fulfill your requirements, that’s why I recommend free blogging on part-time at Google BlogSpot to earn some extra from online.

So, In This post, I will discuss A step-by-step guide on “How to start a free blog on Google Blogger” and earn easily from some extra money from Google Adsense.

Why Google Blogger?

Start a free blog in Google Blogspot

How to Start a Free Blog on Google Blogger (Blogspot)

Why Google Blogger?

There are few free blogging platforms available where you can create a free blog but here I am talking about only for Google Blogspot, Because…

Google BlogSpot is so easy to set up a blog as a beginner, and it will give you an opportunity to earn money from AdSense.

Why you should start a blog to utilize your free time. Before you start a blog you should ask some questions over to yourself.

Why you should start a blog? Remember if you are interested in blogging only that you start a blog, otherwise you can west your time on it.

You should have an interest in writing and creating content. Without it, you are not motivated to continue blogging.

What are the topics you chose for your blog? This is the most important part of a blogger to start a blog. Without the right topic, you are not able to succeed in bogging. You must choose a topic from your skills or hobbies where you have the best knowledge.

Now you should know what you achieve if you start a bog.

Blogging is the first to become an easy way to express yourself online. Know here why you should start a blog? What is good about to join in blogging?

  • You should gain confidence in bogging. Meeting new people by every new follower. 
  • Blogging will help you to achieve better writing experience in every way.
  • It will give you financial freedom. Blogging is become your part-time earning source also.
  • Blogging will help you to build your self-growth.
  • Blogging will help you to learn something new technical skill.
  • You are able to promote your business or brand from your blog.

Now here I am showing you a step-by-step guide on how to start a free blog in Google Blogger.

To create a free blog on google blogger, you should open and sign in here with your Gmail/Google account. If you have not any google account you should create an account, It's completely free.

Once you Sign-In you should ask "Chose a name for your Blog".Here you should put a name for your blog which is the identity of your blog, The blog Name will be displayed at the top of the heading to your blog. 

I recommend please keep away from your personal name to use your blog name, You must try a generic name for your blog, it will help you to brand your blog by own a domain name in the future.

Next, you should ask also, "Choose A URL for your Blog" The URL is a web address where people will find your blog. 

Choose a perfect name for URL as related to your blog name. Blogger will check to confirm the URL is not used in before by anyone in there blog. so please give a unique name for your blog in URL. 

Once you get to confirm that your URL name is unique by Blogger you should click on the Next,

Now you chose a blog template for your blog, Blogger has several blog template. You can choose one as your choice.

after finish These three steps, you tap on the Create blog option. You are entering your blog Dashboard now.

Your free Blogspot blog is now created but is not finished yet. you need to add to post, add some pages, and you should need to manage some settings here.

Now here I am explaining a step-by-step guide on how to publish a post, how to create a page, how to Manage settings.

First here I am starting with Settings.

You can find the "Settings" option from the Left side bellow at your dashboard. Click on the Settings option you can enter into the setting page.

Here you can edit the basic settings like you can add or modify your blog title from here.

next, you should add a description for your blog. You are select your blog language from below in this section. If your blog in Hindi you should select your blog language Hindi from here if Bengali then chose Bengali. English is the default language that was selected by default.  

you add a google analytics id here by clicking "Google Analytics Property id" it will help you to keep track of your blog growth. 

next yo go to the privacy section where you can see the Visible to search engine option. to allow this option you give permission to show your blog at search engine. 

By default, it was allowed generally if not in your case please allow it.

After that, you can scroll down to go Meta Tag section. 

Here you need to allow "Enable search description" and add some description about your blog. This will show in the search result on the search engine if anyone searches your blog on any search engine.

It is important to rank your blog on a search engine.

That's it, this is some of the general settings you need to manage.

Now I am com on the theme and layout option. here you can choose or chare your current template and manage some layout design which will help you to make a fresh unique look of your blog.

Chose or change your theme and mage layout:

If you want to change your default theme, click on the Theme option at the left side dashboard. 

After the click, the theme page will open. Here you have seen the showcasing of various themes, please choose one from here as you like and apply. Your default theme replaces with new. 

Go to a Layout option, and edit some look of your blog. In the header section in the layout, you are able to add a logo for your blog. 

on the page list or main menu section here you can add a menu to navigate your blog more easily.

you can remove some widget from here which will not require you apparently you are able to add some widget which you require.

You must save all changes in layout, otherwise, your change will not update. Now your blog is looking like you want.

Now the main thing is you need to add some content in your blog.

First, you add an about us page and contact us page in the page section. Go into the page section clicking on the page, Create Pages. In the about page, you should add something about your blogs and add your contact information on the contact pages. 

you should add a policy page in your blog where you disclose your blog privacy policy. It will help you when you want to monetize your blog in the future. 

Now your time to add some posts in your blog. Tap on the "New Post" tab, and write your first post and publish it. Remember this practice you will need to continue on a regular basis if you want to grow your blog.

Your simple free Google Blogger (Blogspot) blog is ready now. Share your blog with your friends, family on Facebook, Twitter, and promote your blog.

Please don't forget to share it with your friends and others on Facebook, Twitter if you like this. Please give feedback about this article. if you have fave any problem while creating your blog on Google Blogger (Blogspot) please write to us.

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