WhatsApp Web: What is WhatsApp web and how to use It?

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform today. Everyone on this planet is using Whatsapp. It's Free to use the messaging platform, you need only the internet to use. You are able to communicate with your friends, family, even today WhatsApp is used in the office to communicate with employe, clients.

Today WhatsApp is not us only from a mobile phone. WhatsApp was the first to launch in 2009, from that WhatsApp updated regularly with new features. In the year 2015 WhatsApp launch Whatsapp web feature for Web/computer users.

Whatsapp Web

Today, in this post I will discuss a complete step by step guide, about What is Whatsapp Web and how to simply use Whatsapp on your web browser.

What Is WhatsApp Web?

Whatsapp web is A feature of Whatsapp which was launched in 2015 for desktop/Laptop users. It a web portal that will work exactly on your WhatsApp apps. It's like a mirror of your phone WhatsApp.

Whatsapp in your mobile is secure and privet, as well as WhatsApp web is secure and privet. through WhatsApp web, you are able to share the message, image, video as you doing with your phone WhatsApp.

Connect WhatsApp web on a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and many more as you chose) by simply scan a QR code through your phone. Without your phone, you are not able to connect and use your Whatsapp.

How to Use Whatsapp Web In your Laptop or Computer.

Now you are thinking, how to use the Whatsapp web. you need to link WhatsApp in the web with your phone WhatsApp. By scanning A QR code to link WhatsApp web with the phone. 

Here I am sharing a step-by-step guide on how to use your WhatsApp on web broweser.web 

I am sure everyone today is using WhatsApp on their phone. If you are not using you need to download the WhatsApp app. on your phone from the play store.

After install, you require to register in WhatsApp by phone number. one you are complete your registration on Whatsapp you are ready to send messages, images, video, etc.

Now I come on WhatsApp web, it's so simple to us.

Step 1. Open web.whatsapp.com in your web browser. here you can see a QR code or the right side of Screen.

Step 2. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone also.

Step 3. Click on the three-dot on the right top side of WhatsApp mobile home (for Android phone).for IOS tap on Settings on the bottom of the home screen.

step 4. For an Android phone, a drop-down menu opens. Here you can find "Whatsapp Web". Click on the web option, your camera will open. point your camera at QR Code on Whatsapp web. 

for the IOS phone, the setting page was open, here you see the Whatsapp Web/Desktop option. Hit on it, the camera will open. point your camera on the QR code at the page of web.whatsapp.com

All are ok and WhatsApp was connect with your computer/laptop.

Remember, you have logged only one session on WhatsApp web at a time.

Now you use WhatsApp from a computer browser. Send-Document, share massage, Image, video as you sent from your phone.

From the web, you can see your friend's Image, status. You can add/change your profile picture, status also. Also, you can use your laptop camera to capture a photo.

Logout fro Whatsapp web/Desktop

Here I am showing how are you log Out from Whatsapp web after use.

for IOS go to WhatsApp web or desktop 

Click on the three doted option on the screen. tap logout.

you can leave from WhatsApp web.

for android phones.when you go to the logging out.

Open WhatsApp web. Click on the three doted option a drop-down menu was open. find here logout option and hit on it to logout from WhatsApp web.

How to log out from all devices.

You can make logout Whatsapp from all device like Whatsapp web, desktop, and portal at once from your mobile.

for android users please open your WhatsApp App on your phone. tap on the three doted More option place.

Click on the Whatsapp Web option. If you are to Logout from any WhatsApp web device here you can see "Logout from all device" option hit on the option and immediately you can logout from all devices where WhatsApp even now open.

For iPhone open settings and then you click on the WhatsApp web/desktop. You see the option of "Logout from all device". once you tap on the WhatsApp will logout from all devices.

Download Whatsapp on your desktop

WhatsApp now uses without a browser on the desktop. Install WhatsApp desktop application in your computer from by download WhatsApp desktop application setup file form whatsapp.com/download/

After download .exe file please open it and install it on your desktop computer. 

remember desktop applications are working on the following operating system.

  • Windows 8.1 or newer
  • macOS 10.10 or newer

You can use it as same as the WhatsApp web.


Faq: Whatsapp Web is secure to use?

Whatsapp web you open from the web browser. It connects with only your phone. Without your phone, you are not able to work on the WhatsApp web. You are login only one session on WhatsApp web at a time. after a few minutes, you use the WhatsApp web it automatically closed.

faq: Is Anyone know that I am using the WhatsApp web.

Knowone is able to identify is you use the WhatsApp web. Typing text or attach a photo everything is the same as phone and web.

Faq: Is Mobile data save when I use the WhatsApp web.

Whatsapp web is a Mirror of Whatsapp App. Whatsapp app linked with your web. without the internet, you are unable to use your Whatsapp on Desktop or browser. Mobile data are must need for Whatsapp web.

Now Your Turn...

Don't worry about the WhatsApp web. If you are want to use widely you must need the WhatsApp web/desktop. 

Use a browser or install an application on your desktop.

Share it with your friends or show it with your friends and make yourself a hero.

If you are face problems while using WhatsApp web, please comment below. If you have any more update about this, please share with me at the comment.

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