What Is Google Meet? How do you use Google Meet Simply

Google meet is an online video conferencing service of Google. This is the biggest competitor of Zoom. 

In the situation of Covid-19, the whole world is under lockdown. peoples are in all-time in their home. Shops, offices, the company are all shut. Organizations, the government officials are doing their work in the world from home by video conferencing. 

What Is Google Meet

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Even teachers teach their students by online video conferencing today. Schools are given their task assessments, taking exams through online video conferencing.

There are so many video conferencing services available today. Examples: Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, and many more.

those are some of the popular video conferencing services, although Facebook messenger room, google Hangout, Google duo has also casual Video chat service.

In this post, I will tell you a complete guide about, 

  1. What is Google Meet, 
  2. why you use it 
  3. How to use Google meet, 
  4. Features of Google meet, 
  5. what should require for this service, 
  6. Is this Safe to Use. 
  7. Benefits of using Google meets.
  8. Google Meet App Download For pc.

What is google meet?

Google Meet is a video conferencing Service for google. It's basically designed for professional uses but today it free for everyone. By Google meet, you can organize with your colleague in real-time.

Google meet will allow you up to 100 participants at a time in a call, with some features like screen sharing, scheduling, and many more.

If you have a Google account then you can easily create an online meeting at any time for 60 minutes.

How to Join Meet?

Three ways you can join to google Meet. If you are not joined to Google meet please follow the bellow.

1. With Gmail Account For personal use: Today everyone has a Gmail account. We are all using Gmail, Youtube, Google photos, Google play, and any other Google products. We are just Sign-in into Google Meet and start your video conferencing. 

If you have not any Gmail account, you can free to create a Gmail account and join Google Meet.

2. For Busines Purposes: If you are using G-suit from earlier for business purposes then don't worry. They are integrated with G-suit. You need only Sign-in here and start your meeting from G-suit admin.


Why you should use Google Meet?

Google Meet is gove an opportunity to manage video conferencing for your business.

Whether you are on your computer or cellphone you are attending a meeting even without any internet connection by clicking on a link or a phone call.

when creating a meeting event on google calendar, a link will be provided to enter into the meeting.

you have a few people who want to meet in person, but unable to meet, in this case, what to do? Place a Google meet link in the google calendar invite and relaxed. Simply your meeting will be managed in one conference room.

Here are a few more important facts to join your business in Google Meet.

Your meeting is secure on Google Meet, all audio video is encrypted, so don't worry all are within you here.

You can able to record your meeting for the future is very simple. Make Recording your meeting and who was to be able to attend the meeting, send the recording when they available.

You can able to share your meeting up to one lakh viewers form google Meet.


How to use Google Meet?

Now the question is how do you use google meet. Using Google meet is so simple. However, for a first time user, I am simply given a step-by-step tutorial here bellow.

How to start a video Conferencing on Google meet:

1. At fast if you are a mobile user, you need to download the Google Meet app from the Google Play store for Android mobile, for IOS, please download from the app store and install your mobile phone.

During installation, the app will need some permission which you should need to allow.

for business users or who want to use it through a computer or laptop, you don't need any software to download. you need to open your convenient web browser and browse for this. https://meet.google.com

2. Now you need to register your details at Google meet. If you an existing google or a gsuit user then you would not need any registration further. 

You click into Login and make a successful login with UserID and Password.

For New Users, you should register on google Meet or create a Gmail account. after that, you should log in.

3. After a successful login, a window will be open. Here you see two option "New Meeting" another "Enter a code or link"

4. To click the "New Meeting" option, you can create a new meeting here. and drop a link or code on the "Enter a code or link" box and press join. It will make you enter an ongoing meeting.

Is it not simple?

Features for Google Meet (All Are Free)

  • The unlimited number of Coworkers, friends, clients are invited to your meeting. for security reasons, you should log in with google account.
  • Up to 100 percent will be attending your conference for free.
  • Live Caption will share on during meetings. Turn on this option please click three-dot on the meet screen to open the option. this is available on the English version only.
  • Google Meet support on all device like laptop, desktop, Mobile Phone (Android/iPod/Ipad)
  • Video and audio preview screens will help you to adjust your mike, camera before enters into the meeting. also, you can check who is already join in the meeting.
  • The host can easily Pin, Mute, or Remove any participant. (For privacy reason you are not able to unmute others, you need to ask them to unmute).
  • You are able to complete screen share with participants and make a better presentation.
  • During the meeting make live massaging to make your meeting more engaging. You share also file, links, Images by clicking the chat button.
  • The Google Meet integrate with google and Microsoft office app which will help you to join meeting from Gmail or Google calendar.

Required Device for this service


A device like Mobile Phone (Android/IOS/iPad/iPod) Desktop/laptop is enough for using Google Meet. 


Security on Google Meet:

In Google Meet Anti-abuse features are enabled by default which will secure your meeting. 

All audio-video feature is encrypted by default so all your data are within you.

and also the trust of Google. so, its are fully safe to use.

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